Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cleanux Heavy Duty Degreaser

A multi-purpose degreaser that eliminates grime and grease from a variety of hard surfaces.

  • Ideal for use in Kitchens, Restaurants, Shops and Garages
  • Suitable for most hard surfaces incl. walls, floors, stove-tops, grills and ovens
  • Highly effective on fat, oil and grease
  • Industrial strength, making it suitable for contract cleaning
  • Available in a 5 Litre cost-effective solution
  • Unscented and food safe, perfect for use in commercial kitchens

Dosing instructions
General cleaning: dilute 1:25 parts water
Heavy duty cleaning: dilute 1: parts water

Instructions for use
Apply to surface and use a cloth or brush to wipe/scrub. Rinse clean with fresh water.